Forget Daredevil’s super abilities! It looks like a new Israeli invention could help the blind “see” via sound waves.

SSDs are non-invasive devices that provide visual information to the blind through their existing senses. For example, a visual-to-auditory SSD converts images from a miniature video camera into “soundscapes” that activate the visual cortex of the blind person, who listens through stereo headphones hooked up to a laptop or smartphone.

Individuals trained in the laboratory of Dr. Amir Amedi can use SSDs to identify complex everyday objects, locate people and read letters and words. (Israel 21st Century)

This technological breakthrough was the result of a collaboration between scientists at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada.

Unfortunately there is no word of when the device will be available for sale to the masses (or even a name for the device from what I could find) although if anyone has any more info feel free to enlighten all of us below. ;-)